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The Red Scarf Duology
(The Lover's Waltz and The Dance of the Dead)

The gods and the titans are no more than myth, remembered only in the stories of the opera and the ballet. Bishop Stag is a ballerina performing just such a ballet when the myth proves real after all, in the form of a huge serpent raining fire onto the city. The Reckoning, the final, world-ending battle between the gods and the titans, has begun, and only one is destined to survive: Brogi the Warrior.

Bishop stands on a train platform, waiting to flee her burning city and warn her family of the impending war, when Brogi himself appears, locked in battle with the titan Hrena. Before she knows it, Bishop becomes hopelessly entangled in Brogi's fate, pursued by Hrena, but convinced it's the only way for her and her family to survive what's ahead. Becoming embroiled in a mythological war, however, will demand prices too high to pay, and sacrifices that may come to nothing.

Untitled Vampire Trilogy

Leda Bottler is the illegitimate daughter of an opera singer whose father, Count Andrave, leaves her a small fortune in his will. But it's not the money that changers her life; it's the discovery that she has a brother. The new Count Andrave, twelve-year-old Tuck, invites Leda to his manor in the remote countryside. There she nurtures an instantaneous affection not only for him, but also for his handsome and mysterious tutor.

But Leda has a secret: she can see ghosts. And there far too many ghosts roaming the lands of Count Andrave's manor. One of them warns Leda that all this death is the work of a vampire, and that she, and the brother she only just gained, are in grave danger.

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