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The Faery Horn

An original fairy tale with classic fantasy elements of magic and heroics and gothic elements of high emotion and romanticism.


Sampson Gamolwyrm has lived a hermit's life in the Nivingwood for seven years beside his mother's grave. Despite being surrounded by them in the forest, he meets his first faery by chance when he finds her wounded in a stream. From her, he learns that the human princess, once one of his dearest friends, is in danger of being seduced away to the Otherworld by a notorious flesh-eating faery. With this warning, he has the opportunity to rescue her, but that means leaving his hermitage to return to the home he once abandoned, and facing the brother who once abandoned him.


Set partially in an opulent, early-modern human world and partially in a dangerous and dreamlike faery world, this novel has all the trapping of a fairy tale, but at its core tells the story of all the ways the characters love each other and consequently hurt each other.