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The Moonlight Witch

Ildrith is part ungud, the race of the gods’ descendants that value the purity of their divine blood, and part pure magic. Her powers are matched only by Aldurak, a half-god, the only one remaining in their realm of the Harica. Bonded by the secrets of their blood that made them outcasts, they married, and together they waged war on the Harica to make Aldurak king above all kings. But when Ildrith refused to help him perform necromancy to win his throne, Aldurak bound her to an enchanted mask and stole her magic to raise his dead armies.


Now she has been mysteriously released from that mask, only to discover that centuries have passed. Aldurak had been overthrown but has reemerged, intent on another war, and is desperately seeking the mask. Ildrith finds herself captured by his enemies, who, believing her to be as much a danger as Aldurak, mute her to prevent her from using magic as they search for a way to use her against him.


Powerless and left with nothing, Ildrith chooses to join her captors and fight against her husband, seeking not revenge, but atonement for her involvement in their previous war. But first she must convince her would-be allies—and herself—that she’s no longer the villain.

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