The Reckoning - Act One

(working title)

Bishop Stag is standing on a train platform to flee the burning city behind her and warn her family of the threat of war. But this is no human war. It's the Reckoning, the final battle between gods and titans, and only one is destined to survive: Brogi, the Warrior. Finding herself at his side, Bishop is determined to stay there by becoming one of his Rioteers, convinced it's the only way for her and her family to survive what's ahead. Becoming embroiled in a mythological war, however, will demand prices too high to pay, and sacrifices that may come to nothing.

Bishop Stag

Bishop Stag

A ballerina determined to survive.

Clover and Saint Smithy

Clover and Saint Smithy

A husband and wife who vow to help Brogi.


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