In the works...


Currently, I'm an author-in-the-making. Below you will find the books I'm in the process of writing or completing. Call this a "behind-the-pen" section. 

Sampson and the Faeries
(working title)

A young hermit helps a wounded faery and discovers that the human princess, once one of his dearest friends, is in danger of being seduced away to the Otherworld by a flesh-eating faery. Now he has to leave his hermitage and rescue her, which means facing the home he once abandoned...and the brother who once abandoned him.

A deeply personal and emotional story (for me and for the characters), it's the premise of your average fairy tale told as a thoroughly modern fantasy.

This manuscript for this book is complete! At least until it's not... Look for exciting updates about the state of its publication over the coming year!

The Moonlight Witch

(working title)

Ildrith was once a queen, wife of the half-god Aldurak, who made war on the Harica, bent on laying claim to it. But he betrayed her, trapping her within the Dark Moon Mask to fuel his own deadly magic. Aldurak was defeated, but now, hundreds of years later, not only has he reawakened, but Ildrith has been released from her prison in the Dark Moon Mask. Ildrith must decide whether to return to Aldurak's side or lend her great magic to prevent a second war. Can she bring herself to betray the man she once loved?

The second draft of this book is complete and is currently under review by two incredibly talented friends of mine - Liz Moser and Jen DiRicco. Thank you both! You're giving me such good advice and so many good ideas. Can't wait to make this story shine!

The Reckoning - Act One

(working title)

Bishop Stag is standing on a train platform to flee the burning city behind her and warn her family of the threat of war. But this is no human war. It's the Reckoning, the final battle between gods and titans, and only one is destined to survive: Brogi, the Warrior. Finding herself at his side, Bishop is determined to stay there by becoming one of his Rioteers, convinced it's the only way for her and her family to survive what's ahead. Becoming embroiled in a mythological war, however, will demand prices too high to pay, and sacrifices that may come to nothing.

This first draft of this book is complete! And oh, is there ever so much work left to do. Committing to names for things, redistributing information, putting in the last nuts and bolts of the world-building, rewriting whole scenes...